Best Time to Visit Sorrento

The Optimal Time to Explore Sorrento, Italy for Weather, Safety, & Tourism

For the most favorable weather conditions in Sorrento, consider visiting during these periods:

  • From April 30th to July 15th
  • Or from August 27th to October 14th

These recommendations are based on extensive temperature and humidity data sourced from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Continue reading for comprehensive weather and travel information.

Weather Conditions in Sorrento

Sorrento experiences a wide range of average temperatures throughout the year. Factoring in humidity, temperatures can feel chilly for approximately half of the year, but otherwise, the weather is pleasant, with a low likelihood of rain or snow. In comparison to global tourist destinations, Sorrento enjoys somewhat temperate conditions, ranking in the 56th percentile for pleasant weather. The warmest months are typically August, July, and June. Detailed monthly temperature averages are provided below. Late July generally represents the warmest period, with high temperatures typically around 89°F (31.7°C) and nighttime temperatures rarely dropping below 64.8°F (18.2°C).

Precipitation (Rain and Snow)

If you prefer dry weather, the months with the lowest likelihood of significant precipitation in Sorrento are October, August, and March. Note that significant precipitation is defined as 0.1 inches or more in this context. The lowest chances of rain or snowfall occur around mid-January. For instance, during the week of January 15th, there are typically no days with precipitation. In contrast, the highest probability of rain or snow is in early May, with an average of 1 day of significant precipitation during the week of April 30th.

When Can You Expect Snow in Sorrento? Weather stations report the greatest snowfall around February, particularly towards late November and early December. If you plan to ski in Sorrento, the optimal time is often around December 3rd when fresh powder is at its deepest. Please note that a value of 0 for snow in the graph below may indicate either an absence of snow or unreported snowfall.

Humidity and Wind

Sorrento experiences moderately humid months, with the highest humidity occurring in January (67.8%) and the lowest in April (47.2%). As for wind, Sorrento generally enjoys calm conditions. The windiest month is June, followed by August and July. In June, the average wind speed is approximately 5.3 knots (equivalent to 6.1 MPH or 9.8 KPH), classified as a light breeze. Maximum sustained winds, which represent the highest daily wind speeds lasting more than a few moments, peak in early to mid-August, reaching an average top sustained speed of 12.1 knots, classified as a moderate breeze.

Is Sorrento a Safe Travel Destination?

Based on our most recent data as of October 7, 2019, Sorrento is generally considered safe. As of that date, there were no travel advisories or warnings for Italy, and normal security precautions were recommended. To stay informed about any recent developments or regions to avoid, please refer to the Travel Advice and Advisories page, last updated on August 22, 2019.

Busiest and Quietest Months

June is the busiest month for tourism in Sorrento, Italy, followed by July and May. Consequently, hotel and flight prices are at their highest during these months. However, substantial savings can be obtained by booking well in advance. In contrast, November tends to be the least popular month for tourists, making it the most budget-friendly time to visit Sorrento.

Overall Sorrento Travel Experience by Season

Spring (March through May)

Moderate coldness characterizes this season, with highs ranging from 78.7°F (25.9°C) to 51.9°F (11.1°C). Warmer temperatures prevail in the later months, and rain is infrequent, with 0 to 2 days of significant precipitation per month. Spring ranks as the second-busiest season for tourism, offering plenty of activities for travelers.

Summer (June through August)

The middle months of the year provide highly comfortable weather conditions, featuring warm high temperatures. These months witness minimal precipitation, with 0 to 1 day of rainfall per month. June through August represents the peak tourist season in Sorrento, resulting in higher costs for accommodations and other services.

Fall (September through November)

Fall boasts comfortable daily highs ranging from 84°F (28.9°C) to 48.9°F (9.4°C), making it a pleasant time to visit, given the humidity and wind conditions. Precipitation is minimal, with 0 to 1 rainy or snowy days per month. Due to the weather, tourism activity slows during these months, which can lead to lower hotel prices.

Winter (December through February)

Winter in Sorrento is characterized by cold weather, making it less appealing to warm-weather enthusiasts. The average high during this season ranges from 51.9°F (11.1°C) to 40.8°F (4.9°C). On average, there is limited rainfall or snowfall, occurring 1 to 2 times per month. These months experience the lowest tourist activity.

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