Best Time to Visit Borneo

Exploring the Climate and Terrain of Borneo

Borneo: A Tropical Island with Constant Warmth and Rainfall Borneo, a tropical island, enjoys a steady year-round temperature of approximately 27 – 32°C and is accompanied by high humidity levels. The island’s predominant rainforests, as the name implies, are heavily influenced by rain. Irrespective of the season, rain is a constant presence when visiting Borneo. However, this consistent rainfall nourishes the lush green jungles that cover most of the island. Furthermore, during the UK’s spring and summer months, Borneo experiences sunny weather, making it an ideal time to relish some of Asia’s finest beaches.

Identifying the Optimal Time for Your Borneo Sojourn

Best Period to Visit: May – October This timeframe offers the most favorable weather conditions for exploration.

Monsoon Season: December – February These months usher in the monsoon season with substantial rainfall.

Beach Season: March – October (Sabah) Sabah presents an excellent beach season from March to October, ideal for travelers seeking sun and sea.

Wildlife Encounters: Year-round Borneo’s diverse wildlife can be observed throughout the year.

Annual Weather Overview in Borneo

January – February: This monsoon season brings about heavy rainfall, resulting in lush landscapes; however, some lodges may temporarily close. While Peninsular Malaysia enjoys favorable weather, short trips to Borneo are worth considering.

March – April: Rainfall decreases in Sabah and Sarawak, making spring an ideal time for fewer visitors, luxuriant landscapes, beach excursions, and jungle treks.

May – June: These two months are among the driest, providing excellent conditions for jungle hikes and trekking, despite occasional showers.

July – August: With slightly elevated temperatures and humidity, these months still offer ample sunshine in Sarawak, making them ideal for beach activities and trekking in Sabah.

September – October: As the dry season wanes, September remains suitable for climbing Mount Kinabalu, while October’s cooler weather and reduced visitor numbers create a comfortable travel environment.

November – December: Rainfall increases, leading to more thunderstorms in Sarawak. Nature responds to the moisture by thickening the rainforest. This period also aligns well with combining Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia travel.

Exploring Borneo’s Wildlife and Celebrations

Prime Time for Wildlife Viewing

  • Orangutans: April – August
  • Proboscis Monkeys and Pygmy Elephants: March – October
  • Birdlife: Year-round, with the best time to spot migratory species from October to April.

Significant Dates and Festivals

  • February: Chinese New Year festivities light up the streets.
  • July: The Borneo Cultural Festival in Sarawak celebrates food, music, and arts.
  • July/August: Rainforest Music Festival near Kuching showcases local and international music.

Insider Suggestions for Borneo Travel

  • Wet season travel can be enjoyable, offering unique wildlife spotting opportunities and fewer crowds.
  • January offers an authentic rainforest adventure with the lowest tourist numbers.
  • May marks the transition to the dry season, offering lush greenery and reduced humidity.

Meeting the Borneo Experts

Meet the individuals who have fallen in love with Borneo:

  • James: A traveler captivated by South East Asia and passionate about street food.
  • Holly: An expert in Borneo’s stunning landscapes and unique cultural experiences.
  • Becky: Your guide to uncovering the hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track wonders of Borneo.

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