Best Time to Visit Aspen

The Optimal Time for a Trip to Aspen, Colorado

Being a Colorado local, I’m here to help you make an informed decision about when to explore this captivating mountain town. Several factors come into play, such as your budget and preferred activities. Continue reading to unearth the most suitable times to visit Aspen for various experiences, cost-effectiveness, and reduced crowds, along with information on Aspen’s festivals and events.

When is the Best Time to Experience Aspen?

The prime time to visit Aspen, Colorado, is during the months of December through February. Nevertheless, this enchanting mountain town holds allure throughout the entire year. Let’s delve into the optimal periods for exploring the Roaring Fork Valley based on your personal preferences.

When to Visit Aspen for Superb Skiing

Aspen’s peak ski season unfolds between December and February, coinciding with consistent snowfall during this period. This stretch, encompassing holidays and winter breaks, proves ideal for families and avid skiers. Aspen boasts four ski resorts, each tailored to different skill levels. Aspen Snowmass Ski Resort stands out as the largest and most popular, while Aspen Mountain and Aspen Highlands cater to experienced skiers, and Buttermilk is an excellent choice for beginners.

Even if downhill skiing isn’t your forte, there’s an array of winter activities to partake in, such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and ice skating at the opulent Limelight Hotel Snowmass.

Getting Around: Aspen offers a convenient bus service to ferry you to and from the slopes, with many hotels providing transportation options. Private transfer services connecting Aspen/Pitkin County Airport and Denver International Airport are also readily available. Some visitors, however, opt for car rentals to explore the surrounding area.

When to Visit Aspen for Budget-Friendly Options

For a more economical trip, consider planning your visit after Labor Day during the fall season or post-spring snowmelt. It’s often possible to camp until October without encountering snow, making Aspen an exceptional camping destination. Skiing continues into March and April, offering opportunities for discounted rates at hotels, restaurants, and ski resorts following the winter rush.

However, the shoulder seasons, especially late spring, present certain challenges, occasionally referred to as “mud season.” Outdoor activities remain feasible but can be messy. Additionally, some local businesses may adjust their hours or temporarily close as they transition between the quieter periods and the influx of winter and summer crowds, potentially limiting hotel availability.

When to Visit Aspen for Warm Weather Adventures

June through September marks the prime season for experiencing warm weather activities in Aspen, such as hiking and mountain biking. By mid-to-late June, hiking and biking trails are typically dry and considerably less muddy compared to spring. Aspen enjoys an average summer temperature range of the high 70s during the day to the low 40s at night, providing an ideal backdrop for outdoor exploration.

Where to Stay: Aspen offers a diverse range of accommodations, catering to both luxurious and budget-friendly preferences.

When to Visit Aspen to Avoid Crowds

Spring stands out as the least-visited season in Aspen, while fall attracts more visitors due to its captivating autumn foliage. Spring weather can be unpredictable, oscillating between pleasant, warm days and sudden snowstorms. By mid-to-late spring, skiing opportunities wane, but trails might remain muddy and damp.

Should you not mind a bit of dirt, spring presents an excellent opportunity to explore hiking trails without the hustle and bustle of crowds. Aspen also boasts numerous indoor attractions like museums and galleries, providing enjoyable options on days with less favorable weather.

When to Visit Aspen for Festivals

Summer emerges as one of the most enticing times to visit Aspen, primarily due to its vibrant festivals. The Aspen Music Festival, featuring over 400 events and recitals, graces the town from June through August. In June, the Aspen Ideas Festival gathers world leaders and groundbreaking ideas spanning science, politics, business, and more. Labor Day weekend brings Jazz Aspen Snowmass, featuring renowned musicians at Snowmass Town Park.

Aspen’s Four Travel Seasons

December through February

  • Gay Ski Week: A January celebration combining skiing with events supporting tolerance and anti-bullying programs.
  • Winter X Games: Taking place in January, the X Games are free for spectators, showcasing nearly 100 top winter athletes at Buttermilk Ski Resort.
  • Wintersköl: A winter celebration in January featuring snow sculptures, fireworks, races, and delectable treats.

March through May

  • Bud Light Spring Jam: An early spring festival offering concerts, night skiing, and even scavenger hunts.
  • Aspen Shortsfest: A week-long film festival in April showcasing short films from over 30 countries and the opportunity to meet filmmakers.
  • Apres Ski Cocktail Classic: A spring weekend event featuring tastings, craft cocktails, mixologist seminars, and pop-up bars.

June through Labor Day

  • JAS Aspen Snowmass: Late June and Labor Day weekend usher in jazz, funk, blues, and pop concerts throughout the town.
  • Aspen Music Festival & School: Ranked among the nation’s top classical music festivals, featuring over 400 events spanning several months.
  • The Annual Food & Wine Classic: Three days dedicated to cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, and appearances by celebrity chefs.
  • Aspen Arts Festival: A July art festival showcasing both national and local artists and crafters in the heart of downtown Aspen.

Labor Day through November

  • Hiking and mountain biking: Enjoy these activities until early October, with the Elk Camp Gondola at Snowmass providing scenic rides.
  • Leaf peeping: Revel in the breathtaking fall foliage, particularly at Maroon Bells, Colorado’s most-photographed mountains.

Aspen Weather and Climate

Aspen boasts a high alpine climate, nestled at an elevation of 7,908 feet above sea level, characterized by low humidity and abundant sunshine. Temperature fluctuations are noticeable throughout the year, with July being the warmest month and January the coldest. Layered clothing is essential due to the rapidly changing weather conditions. Aspen basks in nearly 300 sunny days annually.

Precipitation is scarce, with an average annual rainfall of 19.8 inches. Although summer sees occasional afternoon thunderstorms and rain, these typically pass through the area swiftly. While Aspen doesn’t experience much rain, it receives ample snowfall, averaging 152.6 inches annually and sometimes exceeding 250 inches in certain years.

FAQs on the Best Time to Visit Aspen

  • What is the off-season in Aspen?: Aspen’s off-season encompasses spring and fall. Spring is the least-visited period, offering an excellent opportunity to avoid crowds. During these shoulder seasons, some businesses may adjust their hours or temporarily close as they prepare for the busier winter and summer months.
  • How many days do you need in Aspen?: To fully experience Aspen, plan for a three-day stay in this exceptional Colorado mountain town. This duration allows for outdoor activities, downtown exploration, and visits to nearby attractions like Maroon Bells.
  • Is Aspen better in the summer or winter?: Aspen truly shines during the winter months, featuring outstanding ski resorts, a bustling downtown scene, and breathtaking winter vistas.
  • What is the snowiest month in Aspen?: February typically claims the title of the snowiest month in Aspen, although substantial snowfall is also common in December, January, and March.


I trust that this comprehensive guide has provided valuable insights into the optimal time to visit Aspen. This esteemed Colorado destination offers a delightful experience throughout the year. Wishing you safe and enjoyable travels!

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